House Cleaning Services

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House Cleaning Service details

Getting House cleaning services is not a bad idea but making sure all the areas are cleaned properly is an important step in ensuring that you are getting best bang for your buck. Here are some of the main areas to be focus:
1) Bath : Shower, Mirrors, Bathtub, toilets, sinks, windows and floor
2) Kitchen : Cabinets, vents, range, oven, sinks, windows and floor
3) Bedrooms : Beds, furniture, flooring, ceiling and windows
4) Family, Living & Dining : Draperies, Furniture, Fireplace, Chimney, flooring, ceiling and windows
5) Basement : Furniture, flooring, bath, ceiling and windows
5) Garage : Flooring, ceiling and any windows
5) Study/Conservatory : Draperies, Flooring, ceiling and any windows

Exterior cleaning
1) Exterior walls, windows and siding of your apartment or house
2) Roof and gutters have to be cleaned separately
3) Patio or deck or gazebos have to be cleaned separately

What is not covered
Taking out your garbage from your premises after the cleaning is complete is not generally covered unless you have explicitly mentioned in your contract agreement which is not a bad thing to do. Organic or green cleaning is not considered in general unless you explicitly ask them to use eco friendly products.

Find Professional cleaning companies
Finding and hiring house cleaning services in your neighbourhood is a breeze now. Click on the search option on this page to go the search page where you can find pros by state, county or city. From the search results page you can also schedule an appointment with the pro you like.

Get Quotes for Cleaning
You don't have to sweat to find home cleaners. Just send us your project and we will not only find house cleaning services near you but also get you quotes and ratings to make it easy for you to hire the right pro:
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Cleaning Pros List now for free
If you are providing house cleaning services, listing your services by joining our professional contractor network can help you generate more business. Make sure you include as much detail about your specific skills and specialities along with license, insurance and certifications to gain buyer's confidence.

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