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Roofing Contractors In San Francisco

What Does It Cost To Hire a Roofing Contractor In San Francisco?

Roofing Contractors In San Francisco

If you need to install or replace a roof on your home or other property in the San Francisco area then you need to fully aware of the cost. It can be high out here when compared with what it is elsewhere. Naturally, every single estimate and value will vary based on what you might require. The totals listed here are approximate estimates of what you'd spend on your property.

Installation Costs

The cost to install a new roof on a property in San Francisco can be rather high. You can expect to pay about $10,000 for a new metal roof or $8,800 for a tin roof. These totals are for an average roof size in the San Francisco area. This average is about 1,700 square feet in size.

In addition, it can cost about $120 to $150 for every square of space for roofing shingles. This can add up to a high amount if you have a large roof to work with. This price is typically charged for asphalt shingles, the most commonly-used form of shingles on the market.

What About Roof Replacements?

It can cost about $1,000 on average to repair a roof in San Francisco. In addition, you might want to look at a roof replacement process that entails getting old items replaced with new ones. It can cost $9,100 to get the replacement process complete.

Hourly Costs Are Important

Some roofing contractors in San Francisco area may operate on an hourly basis. These contractors will typically charge close to $100 per hour for their services. This is typically going to apply in cases where you have to take care only a small portion of your roof..

How It Comes To Other Spots

It is no surprise that it can cost more to get a roof taken care of in San Francisco than in other parts of the country. This is primarily due to the dense population of the area and how it is somewhat remote when compared to other spots around the mainland. For instance, if you were in Chicago then you'd spend only $9,000 to get a metal roof installed or less than $8,000 for a tin roof. A metal roof in St. Louis can go for $7,800 while one in Charlotte can cost $7,100. In fact, you could spend less than $700 to repair a roof on a home in the Charlotte area.

Inland areas will especially utilize lower prices than what you'd expect to find in San Francisco. It could cost less than $5,000 to get a roof installed in El Paso and around $7,000 to do the same in Houston, for example.

There are still some spots where it costs more to get a roof ready. In New York, it will cost $11,900 to get a metal roof installed or $10,000 for a tin roof. Meanwhile, it can also cost $10,000 to replace a roof.

These numbers are provided as a guide to help you understand what you can expect to pay on roofing jobs and roof repair San Francisco . Be aware that your needs may be different from what the average costs based on location, material and type of roofers used.

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