Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Bath Remodeling

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Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Bath Remodeling

Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Bath Remodeling

Remodeling your home is one effective way of not only improving its appearance but enhancing its functionality as well. Although remodeling can be a huge responsibility that puts you under pressure to make the right long-lasting decisions, there are several ways through which you can ease off the pressure one of which is choosing the right remodeling design that matches your overall lifestyle. In this respect, it is always a good idea to give each of your rooms including your bathroom a design that will last for a long time.

Regardless of its size, your bath is one room that needs a well-thought out design and location within the house. You can indeed remodel your bathroom in such a way that comes out beautiful, spacious and highly functional. You can indeed achieve this by avoiding the following mistakes that most homeowners make when remodeling their bathrooms.

Bathroom Vanities

A serious mistake that most homeowners commit that you need to avoid is restricting bathroom vanities to sink, bath tab and some storage space. You need to choose a vanity set that sets your bathroom tone. It is therefore highly recommended that you choose the right bathroom accessories depending on whether yours is a traditional, rustic or modern bathroom.

External View

This is a serious mistake that you must avoid at all costs. There is really no need of having a dark and dump bathroom, which also means that there won’t be good air circulation within. Your bathroom needs to have windows for natural light and fresh air. Alternatively, make use of operable skylight that also allow for fresh air and natural light to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible.


Locating your bathroom near your home’s public rooms such as living, dining room and kitchen is simply out of the question. This is a mistake you must avoid at all costs. It pays to locate your bathroom from line of sight.

Bathroom Plan

This is where most homeowners fail. It simply does not pay to have the toilet the first thing you see when look at your bathroom. Consider separating the toilet, sink and shower to make it possible for another person to prepare to take shower at the sink while you take a shower.


One mistake that most homeowners commit is that of restricting themselves to tiles, colours and accessories, forgetting that they need to have spacious bathrooms. This is a mistake you must avoid. You really do not wish to have a bathroom that forces your knees to press against other surfaces in the room.


Most DIY homeowners do engage in remodeling their own bathrooms without realizing that having a helping hand in form of a professional means of highly functional bathroom. Although you can indeed remodel your own bathroom on your own, it is always a good idea to engage a professional bathroom remodeling contractor who is in a better position to add some creativity into the project.

Low Budget

It is very important that you avoid falling into the temptation of restricting the cost of remodeling your bathroom. Seek professional advice on how remodeling your bathroom will cost before embark on the project. It is pointless to embark on remodeling your bathroom which says $5,000 when the actual cost is $10,000. You will simply not be satisfied with the end result.

Overlooking Minor Mistakes

It is highly likely that you will notice minor mistakes in the course of remodeling. Avoid the temptation to overlook such mistakes since they can be your main undoing in the long run. Make it a point to fix such mistakes immediately you notice them.

Lack of Storage

Each and every accessory you use in your bathroom requires proper storage to avoid having things strewn all over. Make it a point to have sufficient storage space/cabinets for such things as cleaning products, towels and toilet brushes among other things.

Poor Materials

There is really no point in remodeling your bathroom with materials of poor quality. Such will wear away within a very short period. Go for quality materials that even though can be costly but sure to last a very long time.

These are just a few mistakes you need to avoid in bath remodeling. Avoiding these mistakes goes along way in ensuring that you have a comfortable and refreshing bathroom that will last you a long time.

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