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Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid In Home Remodeling

Remodeling a home happens to be a daunting task for many homeowners. So here are the top ten mistakes you should avoid when choosing a home remodeling contractor

1. Selecting the lowest bidder
Choosing the lowest bidder does not always mean that you have gotten a great deal and this is because low prices are seen as a way of cutting corners where materials and workmanship is concerned.

2. Not having it in writing
Have all your requirements and the contractor details in writing together with the project details and payment schedules that you agreed on.

3. Large down payment
The standard down payment amount is usually 10% of the total amount to start the work. Be wary of contractors who ask for more since this may be a warning sign that there may be trouble ahead.

4. No guarantee
Never accept a verbal warranty, instead, insist on having it all in writing and this is in regards to anything breaking before the warranty is over.

5. Not checking references
Written references from customers show that the contractor is good and knows that his work is great. Consider asking references who they received references from. Go up one level.

6. Not being clear on what you want
You should be specific on what you want done for the finished project to be appealing to you and make sure your contractor understands it.

7. Not checking the insurance coverage
The contractor should show you liability and workers compensation insurance coverage for all workers who will be undertaking your project.

8. Not insisting on lien waivers
This protects you from being liable for other miscellaneous payments.

9. Not asking questions about professional affiliations
A good contractor should be affiliated with professional organizations in his/her area of speciality and local groups.

10. Not asking questions about their style of working
This is in regards to their schedule, how they handle peole they hire and work in your house, how they handle debris, how they will protect your carpet, furniture and other household articles among many others while they work in the house.

Due diligence is a must before hiring a home improvement contractor to avoid future headaches.

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