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Types of Janitorial Services

Types of Janitorial Services

For people who do not mind making their hands dirty as a means to an end, the janitorial service industry is one of the most lucrative industries in which you can start an enterprise. Everyone needs a cleaning service. Whether you are opting to start a cleaning business, planning to pay for janitorial services or simply intending to nourish a business which is already in existence, this article offers a helping hand by exploring different types of janitorial services and where exactly they are needed.

Office cleaning

Large and small offices alike make use of janitorial cleaning services to do most of the housework duties. Such services are sought after during weekends or sometime after an office has closed its line of duties. Cleaning services in this case can be commercial-grade or even residential. In big offices and companies, however, commercial-grade cleaning services are preferred because of the sophisticated equipment that they have invested in. even so, companies with huge buildings sometimes require a separate window cleaning service because commercial-grade service providers may not have the necessary instrumentation required to clean windows on tall buildings. It is a precarious task which requires special tools and skills.

Apartment cleaning services

This is the most common type of janitorial service, sometimes identified as domestic cleaning or maid service. Cleaning companies under this category offer housekeeping services routinely but there are some which give one-time cleaning deals. Some common tasks under this category include dusting, vacuum cleaning, lavatory cleaning as well as kitchen cleaning.

A residential cleaning service may also be needed in buildings where residents are moving out. Typically, the service providers carry out overhaul services to make the place habitable again. In newly constructed grounds, such services are also handy and can be a good ground to vigorously grow a janitorial service business.

Floor/carpet cleaning

Hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaner brings out excellent results. It is a business which requires very little tools to operate, and is therefore regarded as a narrow-minded field despite the fact that carpet cleaning services are seriously sought-after. Besides rug and carpet cleaning, this type of janitorial service also encompasses the cleaning of tiles. It may also extend to the removal of stains from bathtubs and shower bath tiles.

Crime scene cleaning

This is the most expensive of all cleaning services and should ideally be carried out in the most intelligent way. Professionals in this field not only get into contact with the most dangerous biological agents but are also expected to follow a rigorous guidelines in getting rid of wastes and making disposals at a designated area.

Such a service needs professionals who are sensitive to the feelings of mourning families so that victims are not inflicted with pain for a second time. It also requires the knowledge of working with local authorities and social control personnel. Conclusively, cleaning services are routinely sought-after, a reason why it is an ever-growing business. To establish yourself in such a business, one ought to consider the amount of capital available, qualified personnel and the type of tools that you can readily acquire. When hiring a cleaning service provider on the other hand, it is essential to consider their experience and area of specialization.

Find Pros to help you Janitorial clean ups

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Finding help with cleaning your office or commercial establishment is easy now. Go to Hirecontractor.com and post your project and we can help you with finding Janitorial services near you and also get you quotes and possible ratings. That should help with hiring the right professional.

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If you are providing Janitorial services, listing your services by joining our professional Janitorial services network , can help you generate more business. Make sure you include as much detail about your specific skills and specialities along with license, insurance and certifications to gain buyer's confidence.

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