Assessing Roofing Contractor Services

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Assessing Roofing Contractor Services

Before you embark on an expensive home renovation project, its always a good idea to identify the criteria needed to assess the quality of roofing services provided by a roofing contractor. Here is a short list that you can tailor to your own needs:

What type of roofing material is used?

Ask the contractor if they are using the best shingles.
Research online learn more about roofing shingle types.
How does the material behave in subzero temparatures?
Is the material from a certified and approved by any organizations or local government?
How does the roofing material hold up in hurricanes and hold up?
What kind of warranty is provided by the manufacturer?

What is included in the warranty

Find out what kind of warranty is provided by the roofing contractor.
Is it life time or is it only a few years.
What does the warranty cover?
Does the warranty cover the materials?
Does the warranty provide coverage for the labor?
If roof fails, what is ithe out of pocket expense?
If you sell the home is the warranty transferrable?
What kind of winds can the roof withstand (100MPH or 120 MPH)
Are the metals and finish covered?
Are cracks, holes and gaps covered?

How is the Installation?

Is the roofing contractor prime contractor or subcontractor?
Is the roofing contractor licensed and certified as required by the state?
How well is the roofing installation planned?
Is the previous roof removed properly and any nails cleaned up before installing new roof?
Are the required roof permits obtained?
Are the installers ceritifed and trained?
Does the installation hold up well during hails and hurricanes?

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