Certified Handyman

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Certified Handyman

Get a Certified Handyman?

Your house is in chaos, as you have not taken the time to repair things around the house and now you desperately need a good handyman, to set things right. You make a list of all the things you need done and wonder whether a handyman has all the skills required to do all these tasks efficiently. You need to know if your handyman is qualified to do all these different jobs, and whether there is anything like a certified handyman.

A certified handyman will hold some certificate of a course which shows that he is proficient in his particular skill set. Getting a certified handyman, you are sure that the job is in good hands and it will be completed efficiently without any mishaps. A certification means that the person has undergone some course that has taught him the skills required for the job.

One of the well known certificate programs is HVAC which shows proficiency in refrigeration and air conditioning repairs and maintenance. The person has to pass various tests and competency checks before he is awarded this certificate. The candidate also has to prove his skills in front of a qualified technician before he gets his certification. Such a certified handyman will be thorough with all the fundamentals and safety requirements of the job at hand, and will complete the job efficiently and in a timely manner. A handyman certified by HVAC will be competent enough to repair and maintain air-conditioning and heating units and also install refrigeration units.

A handyman holding a certificate of a collective organisation also has importance. For example the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals (ACHP) is an organisation which provides certification to handyman, by which they are able to learn about different techniques and tools of their trade. They also have the opportunity to network different resources with other members of the organisation and get their names listed in the respective local areas as certified handymen. A handyman who is certified by ACHP, has to pass an online verification exam and also adhere to a code of ethics in their trade. People prefer to employ a handyman certified by such organisations, as they know there is a very good chance of getting an honest and efficient handyman.

A certification always increases the value of the handyman and he may charge a little bit more than an uncertified handyman. Although a little more costly it is always better to employ a certified handyman as it will prove economical in the long run. There are much lesser chances of any mishaps with a certified handyman and also the job gets done as it should be.

If you are posting your project on a website to invite bids, give preference to a certified handyman even if his quotation is a bit more than the others.

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