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Why online freelance contractor networks are changing the way cleaners generate business

An online freelance contractor network is a website designed to connect contractors with property owners looking to have work done.  If you are a professional cleaner looking for more cleaning work, becoming a member of one of these networks can help you generate more business without a great deal of effort.  You may want to join more than one of these networks.  Some do require monthly fees for member contractors; however, the fees are usually small and will be returned tenfold at the acquisition of just one job. 

Project / Job Leads
Online freelance contractor networks bring customers to you.  Property owners looking to have work done can browse contractors in their local area.  When they see a profile that meets their requirements they can contact that member with questions or immediately award the job.  The key here is to make sure that your profile is outstanding.  Post your credentials, trade organizations you belong to, and testimonials from past clients.  Your profile is your complete marketing tool on these networks and should convey your experience and professionalism.  The more information in your profile the better.  Add pictures and video if you have any available.  Prospective customers want as much information about you as they can gather. 

Cleaner Profile / Background
Your experience and expertise are put in front of the millions of internet users browsing the web every day when you become a member of an online contractor network.  Most online contractor networks make job postings and member profiles searchable on all the major search engines.  They also have advertising budgets and use the internet to generate more traffic to their site.  This means that you have an even greater chance of property owners seeing your profile.  Don’t let a sloppy and poorly written profile turn business away.  Take the time to prepare an excellent profile.  It is a pretty visible calling card. 

Most professional cleaners looking to generate extra business are familiar with yellow pages and directory ads.  These ads are quite expensive and don’t always generate the business you expect.  Some cleaners never get a call from a yellow pages ad.  Unless your marketing budget is very well funded, you probably can’t afford the full page ads that attract most customers.  An online freelance cleaner network is very inexpensive, if not free, and allows you to display much more information than a small yellow pages ad.  Take advantage of the space and give as much information as possible. 

List now for free
Professional Cleaners now have a new way to find continuous stream of work.  With a little bit of effort, cleaners can generate new business.  Give an online freelance cleaning contractor network a try!

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