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Commercial Plumber

Getting the Job Done: Commercial Plumber

Having found a decent commercial plumber to fix up the issues at our office, the day had come to stand back and let him work his master plumber magic. We were especially pleased with this candidate, not just because of his confident analysis of our issues, and realistic estimates and time frames, but also because he was willing to come in and work after hours so that the noise and disruptions in service would not impede our workflow.

So if you're a commercial plumber reading this, take note- it wasn't just craftsmanship or word-of-mouth, or a nice decal on the local plumbers van that won him the contract, it was simply the willingness to work non-traditional hours to get the job done. We knew, given his dedication and willingness to work on our parameters that we were dealing with a commercial plumber who really cares about the work he does.

Once the building was empty after the business day, the work began. He arrived at 5:30pm and set to work on the plumbing repairs and installations that we had requested in our contract.

As time passed, day by day, we saw the improvements mount up. Every once in awhile, over the course of the two week project, we would find little notes on sinks or toilets with special instructions not to use them. Other than that, things seemed to be going pretty smoothly.

A Job Well Done with Our Commercial Plumber
After two weeks of temporary outages and little notes, we walked in on Monday morning to see why we hired a local plumber for the plumbing repair and renovation. There were beautifully functioning toilets and sinks in our bathroom, as well as the water fountains and hand washing sinks we'd wanted installed ever since we moved in. There were still some cosmetic changes we wanted to make, but we would have those for another day- they had nothing to do with plumber work.

Our experience with this commercial plumber was very satisfying, and the work he did held up for as long as we owned the workspace. We kept his card around just in case, but we never needed it. But you can be sure that, any time some friends of ours needed advice on what commercial plumber to turn to, we would refer them to the local plumber that made our plumbing experience so great.