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Cleaning companies have variety of methods for charging customers, understanding what services are offered and your individual needs you can get an understanding of house cleaning service costs and be able to get cleaning services for you individual needs.

House cleaning by the room

Some house cleaning services charge by the room. This would be a fixed cost per room with each additional room cleaned costing more. This also allows the company to offer specials like pay for three rooms get one room first. The method works well on a home with well-defined rooms and spaces. For more open floor plans having a clear understanding with the company on where one room ends and other beginnings needs to be negotiated before the work is done. The company may charge more for certain rooms than others; a kitchen may cost more than a small bedroom.

By the hours

Other house cleaning services charge by the hour. The cleaner comes in and notes the time from start to completion of the job. Under this system the homeowner still shows the cleaner what they would like done but leaves is not paying by the room. So the

cleaner does what is needed and charges for the allotted time. This is a better method when items like stairways or multiple bathrooms. Hourly service can be good or bad depending on how efficient the cleaner can do the job.

By the task

A cleaning company may charge a fixed rate per room or hour but also have optional add on services. An example would be that the vacuuming of furniture or cleaning of interior windows may be an additional fee that is added to the bill. Other housekeeping tasks such as laundry or loading/unloading the dishwasher could be charged as well.

For inconvenience

Pets add to the mess of a home. For a home with multiple pets many cleaning company add on to the price because of the pet hair that and the additional cleaning of pet stains on the carpet. Having a pet could increase the bottom line of your home cleaning services.

The price of a house cleaning service depends on reputation, neighborhood and services provided. Many companies are able to negotiate price based on services provided or if they need to bring supplies. In general house cleaning service costs are determined by the hour or by the square footage of the room. Other services can be negotiated in by they will cost extra or may not be provided.


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