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Electrician Service

I Want Electrician Services… Is Finding a Good One Too Much to Ask?

After spending seven months restlessly searching for the perfect fixer-upper, I found one about three blocks from my house that was everything I was looking for. Unfortunately, the price was a little more than I had originally budgeted, but I was willing to cut funds in other areas just to get this piece of property.

I Want Electrician Services: The Beginning of the Story
One of the things in the budget I had to cut was the amount of money I had available for labor. That wasn’t too bad because I am totally capable of doing simple construction work (what man isn’t?), and I am absolutely confident in my ability to paint a wall. The down side to this budget cut was the fact that I didn’t have as much money as I thought I needed for all of the electrical and plumbingwork that needed to be done.

I lucked out on the plumber because one of my pals from work had a brother that was an out of work master plumber who was willing to do the work for the little I could pay him. I had some trouble finding an electrician that would work for what I was offering, but eventually one signed on.

I Want Electrician Services: The Bad
Shortly after he began work, I realized why this particular electricianwas willing to work for so little…he had no clue what he was doing. Exposed wire everywhere, he never came with the tools or supplies he needed and a few times he reached for a live wire without even thinking about it! This guy was going to cost me a fortune if he burned down this house! I didn’t hesitate to fire him quickly, but my search for another electrician was on.

When you want electrician services that are inexpensive but high quality, do you have to search the heavens for a good deal?

I Want
Electrician Services : The Good
After a week of looking for another electrician, I found one that was absolutely perfect for my rehab project. I was so happy that I wanted to sing the Hallelujah Chorus all through the house! This electrician came with all the right credentials, permits, tools, supplies and safety equipment. He never put himself, others or my property in danger and he even made the most amazing macaroons.

This electrician was a keeper- which is why I won’t hire anyone else for my renovation projects.

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