I Want to Find a Cleaner

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I Want to Find a Cleaner

Most homeowners dream of having a cleaner come to their house on a regular basis.  Most are not averse to the idea of cleaning their homes; but, with increasing workloads and decreasing time for family and leisure activities, people are eager to relinquish a responsibility that can be completed by another person.  Finding a cleaner can often be a daunting task, not to mention the uneasiness of a new person in your home. 

If you are interested in finding a cleaner, you have to first determine the scope of the job, how frequently you’d like someone to come to your home, and your expectations.  

  • Decide what a clean house is to you!
    This first step is one of the most important.  Until you are clear on what a clean house entails you will not be able to clearly set expectations with your house cleaner .  It is easy to assume that someone knows what you want, but until you explain yourself she won’t know.  Take some time to look around your house and write down your personal definition of a clean house.  After you’ve crafted your vision, make a list detailing which items are most important.  If clean windows are more important than a dust free ceiling fan, write this down.  Creating this list doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have everything that you want.  The list just helps you to establish trade-offs in the event that your budget doesn’t support your initial vision. 
  • Decide which type of cleaner you want.
    There are basically three types of cleaners; independent cleaner cleaning team, and cleaning agency cleaner.  The independent cleaner can be a very attractive choice.  You don’t have to worry about agencies or other cleaners in your home.  You have the most amount of flexibility in determining what gets done on what day as well.  This choice also comes with the most risk.  Using an independent cleaner means that you have to verify all of her credentials, complete a background check, and reprimand her, if the need arises, all on your own.  Depending on how many hours she is working for you, you may also have to deal with tax, insurance, and payroll issues.

The cleaning team is the next choice.  Typically, a group of 3-5 people come to your house at regular intervals and clean.  These teams usually work very quickly.  This is one of the advantages to a cleaning team; they aren’t in your home very long.  However, because they are focused on cleaning quickly, they are not always the most meticulous.  If you choose to use a cleaning team in your home, make sure you are very clear about what you want done.

A cleaning agency cleaner is the last choice.  Many people overlook the cleaning agency cleaner because the initial fees are sometimes more than the other two choices.  However, the fees are higher because they free up a lot of your time.  When working with an agency cleaner, she has more than likely had a background check and verification of credentials and references.  Often times, agency cleaners are bonded and/or insured.  This offers you even more security.  The only drawback of an agency cleaner is that the ability to change what you want done from visit to visit can be restricted. 

Hiring a cleaner for your home doesn’t have to be a long process.  If you first establish for yourself what you want and which type of cleaner you’d prefer, you’ll find the task much easier.  By taking the time to determine what you want, you’ll have an easier time conveying your expectations and will encounter less disappointment. 

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