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What makes a good cleaner?

3 essentials to a great cleaning experience.

Bringing someone into your home is always a bit nerve wrecking. Homeowners sometimes struggle with hiring a cleaner because they want to make sure their home and possessions are secure. Besides property issues, homeowners want to be sure that the cleaning gets done to their liking. By making sure that your cleaning pros meet the following standards you should have a much more pleasant experience.
  1. Excellent referrals and background check.
    Ask your cleaning pros for referrals(from previous customers not friends or relatives). Testimonials are nice, but a referral will come complete with contact information. Use it! Find out what past customers have to say about the pro's performance and professionalism. Ask specific questions about the issues that are most important to you. For example, do you want to know if the pro is prompt? Maybe you'd like to find out if her work performance slacks over time? Take advantage of referrals and get answers to your most important questions.
  2. Background check.

    Also ask to see a background check. If the cleaner doesn't have one available, ask them to submit to one that you’ll pay for. Most homeowners are put at ease once they see that their cleaning pro doesn't have any convictions or a history of questionable behavior. Excellent referrals and a background check make for a strong starting place with domestic help.

  3. Bonding, insurance, and money-back guarantees.
    Generally cleaning companies are both bonded and insured. Insurance and bonding takes away much of the risk of strangers coming into your home. Independent cleaning pros usually don't have these benefits. They may, however, be members of the Better Business Bureau. This is a big plus because you are able to call and get objective information from a reputable source. The BBB will also be able to give you information about customer complaints. Offering a money-back guarantee can also limit some risk associated with a new cleaner. Either way, you want to know all of the details so that you can make an informed decision.
  4. Child and pet safe products.
    If you have children or pets, using a company that places a focus on these types of products is key. Most companies now offer some type of green or eco-friendly service. Make sure to ask extensive questions if these services interest you. You may want to know which product lines they use and their green cleaning procedures.
These are some of the most important aspects of cleaning services . Getting clear answers about your pro's experience and background, bonding and insurance, and specific products and procedures will make your decision to move forward much easier.
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