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Hire General Contractor

Do I Need a General Contractor?

Chances are, hiring a general contractor will be in your best interest if you have a job that requires more than two types of tradesmen to work on the same project over the course of more than a few days.

Unfortunately, when people start thinking of “general contractors”, visions of dollar signs, disappointment, and reality TV start floating through their minds. Don’t be discouraged thinking you don’t need or can’t afford a general contractor. Sure, you may pay more, but every penny will be worth it, especially if you do your due diligence and hire someone with excellent references and the professionalism to do what he was hired to do.

A general contractor is supposed to make your life easier. Many people don’t realize this. They think the contractor is just one more overpriced person to pay and one more to cause problems. Untrue.

The contractor is your lifeline to everything you need done. He’s like your project concierge, if you will. He knows the right people to hire, the best places to get supplies, and he is the one who will coordinate all the tiny jobs that need to be done so that you aren’t on the phone constantly trying to coordinate what should be happening.

He also has the expertise to know where to begin and how to progress through from start to finish. Even a bathroom remodel might sound like “heck, I’ll never find anyone to help me do my new bathroom because it’s so easy”. In truth, a bathroom remodel can be a tough project that is only successful when handled appropriately.

A bathroom remodel needs – at least - a plumber, a cabinet/vanity installer, maybe a window installer, a painter/wallpaper expert, and a master tiler. A plumber can certainly uninstall and install a new Jacuzzi, but he’s not the one who can figure out how to swap tubs. Take down the door? Open the wall? Only a general contractor can figure this out.

Now that the old tub is out, what’s next? Without a contractor, you could make some serious mistakes going forward. Your individual work crews aren’t experienced with the whole picture – they only know their own little piece.

Do the walls get done next? Or does the new Jacuzzi get installed? When does the new skylight get installed? Without a contractor to oversee and manage the entire process, you could end up with a project that runs into some costly mistakes.

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