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Hire Master Electrician

Why You Should Hire a Master Electrician

Handyman, journeyman, electrician , licensed electrician, construction electrician, master electrician the choices may seem more overwhelming than the tile selection at Tiles- R- Us as you flip through the yellow pages trying to decide who to hire to complete your wiring project.  “Who should I hire,” Screams through your brain.  I’ll simplify it for you.

A handyman is an untrained, un-licensed person, this jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, may seem like the least expensive route, but in the long run you’ll probably end up paying too much for a handyman who takes longer and believes he knows what he is doing. 

A journeyman is a trained professional that has completed his four year apprenticeship but must still have a licensed or master electrician check his work and sign off that codes are up to par.  Usually a journeyman works along with a master electrician.  A licensed electrician, construction electrician and master electrician are all certified, highly skilled professionals who usually own their own contracting businesses or work for specialized services. 

The construction electrician is usually more geared towards non-residential or commercial jobs, although if you are building a new house or have a large project as opposed to just adding a new light fixture he may be your man. (Or woman!)  If you hire a licensed electrician, just make sure he is fully licensed to pull all permits and is not a journeyman working on his own, if this is the case; you will need to hire a licensed or master electrician to check his work in order to pass inspection. 

Master electricians are responsible for installing complex wiring and circuits that power your home or business.  Every building project requires a master electrician to sign off on permits and codes.  They must have superior knowledge and the skill not to electrocute themselves or others, and also to ensure the safety of the future inhabitants of the building.  When one can hire a master electrician, one can be guaranteed of quality work that meets code requirements.  Unlicensed electricians or handymen are not subject to laws designated to protect the client.  They also most likely do not carry appropriate insurance to cover your project and most homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover any mishaps caused by an unlicensed contractor. 

“What does all this mean?” you may be thinking, It means more money out of your pocket if anything goes wrong.  Overall if you want to save yourself time, money, and a lot of unneeded hassles, hire yourself a master electrician- you won’t be disappointed.

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