Too Busy to Clean My House

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I’m Too Busy to Clean My House

4 easy steps to hire a cleaner.

Let’s be honest.  It’s pretty easy to let our house cleaning chores go by the wayside when we are busy.  When there are reports to prepare, meetings to be had, and children to be fed, there sometimes aren’t enough hours in a day.  It’s not hard to believe that mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and window washing are last on our list of things to do.
You can, however, have the best of both worlds.  Hire a cleaner!  When you make the decision to hire cleaner for your home, you aren’t wasting money or being lazy.  You are devoting whatever free time you have to enhancing your life.  When you have to choose between time and money, more times than not, time wins.  This is especially true if you have children or pets that you’d like to spend more time with. 

It’s pretty easy to hire a cleaner.  Follow these 4 steps and you’ll have a cleaner house and more free time very soon.
  1. Go for it!
    Don’t waste a lot of time debating whether or not you should hire a cleaner.  You already know you need cleaner.  Many people, especially women, feel inadequate once they recognize they aren’t keeping their homes as clean as they’d like.  There are things far more important than house cleaning that you have prioritized.  Let someone help with the menial task of home maintenance so that you can build relationships, advance at work, or simply relax a little bit more.

  2. Find a local company.
    There are cleaning companies headquartered all over the world.  Since you’re busy, it’s best to use a cleaner that is based right in your neighborhood.  This way you won’t have to hunt down telephone numbers or call toll-free directories if you need to talk to management about a complaint or service issue. 

  3. Interview at least three candidates.
    This is the most time consuming part of hiring a cleaner.  It is also the most important part.  Etching out a few hours to interview your cleaner candidates is important because you want to make sure that they are going to be able to work around your schedule, meet your expectations, and fit within your budget.  It can be tempting to forgo a detailed interview.  However, it’s not recommended.  Learning more about the person that is going to be in your home is always advisable.  Make sure to ask about the flexibility of the workload and whether or not she or her company is bonded and insured.  

  4. Get it in writing.
    You’ve made the decision to hire a cleaner.  You’ve found a great local company and conducted interviews.  You’ve even found the perfect person.  Great!  Now is the time to get your agreement in writing.  Do they need to arrive at the same time every week or have they agreed to a flexible cleaning routine.  All of these things should be detailed in your contract.  Don’t leave specifics to chance. 
Once you hire a cleaner, you probably won’t be able to figure out how you survived without her.  Keep these four steps in mind during the process and you’ll end up with a cleaner house and more time to devote to the people and activities you love.
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