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Remodeling Training and Courses

Home Remodeling Training and Courses

Do you want to train yourself in home remodeling and make a career out of home remodeling and renovation jobs. There are many schools and colleges offering career training for home remodeling jobs for individuals by offering diploma, certificate and associate degree programs. provide training and experience for careers that can involve carpentry and construction management. Most programs combine coursework with hands-on training in home remodeling projects.

General Home Remodeling Training Courses

These courses are suitable for people looking to perform their own home remodeling projects and repairs also called as do it yourself (DIY). The courses are intended to cover different issues that you may come across like electrical, plumbing and hvac repair and maintenance. These courses often provide some kind of diploma or certificates at the end of course completion.

Residential Construction Courses

These courses in residential construction are intended to cover the fundamentals of residential building construction from scratch. They learn main practices and principles involved in all phases of home construction, home improvement, remodeling renovation including from construction planning, site preparation, laying foundations, framing, sheetrock, flooring electrical and roofing.

Green Remodeling Diploma Courses

Environmentally supportive, green and sustainable remodeling courses involve the study and implementation of of environmentally friendly construction methods and the use of green materials in home improvement, remodeling and renovation projects. Main focus of the training course is on energy conservation, green home design, solar heating and sustainable energy and related work on masonry.

Carpentry Training courses

Many carpentry courses include classes or a concentration option in home remodeling. Students learn basic carpentry skills and discover how to apply them in residential and commercial construction and remodeling projects. Carpentry remodeling jobs can include framing walls, laying floors and installing cabinetry.

Interior Design Courses

Courses in interior design cover a broad area including designing of interiors for any building including home, commercial, office, restarurants, home improvement projects, creating additions for homes or renovating existing structures. Coursework can include kitchen and bathroom design, space usage and design elements.

Plumbing training courses

Plumbing is an essential skill needed for any contrator who want to have a career as a plumber. Not only the plumber should know the local state and county regulations and safety precautions required to keep the pipes and related fixtures safe from leaking and damaging the surrounding area. Home contractors learn the main construction practices and principles involved in home improvement through associate degree programs. They often learn the skills needed to run a contracting business with courses in building codes, safety regulations and small business practices.

Electrical training courses

A diploma or certificate course prepares students in wiring an entire house with proper circuit breakers with proper safety precaustions and also to comply with the local city, county and state regulations. Some programs require previous electrical background in some fashion to make it easy to train them.

Construction Management training courses

A diploma or certificate course in residential construction management trains students in overseeing and managing, construction, construction remodeling/renovation and major home remodeling projects and oversee construction crews. Some courses require previous experience or training in construction and remodeling practices. Trainees focus on learning project management skills, managing budget, resources along with drafting and computer modeling.

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