The Selection Process: Deciding to Hire a Plumber

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The Selection Process: Deciding to Hire a Plumber

After the plumbing fiasco that occurred while we were remodeling our home, we knew it was time to show a bit more discrimination when it came time to hire a Home plumber for the addition we planned to build.

Some people seem to luck out and hire a plumber they can trust at the very first go; someone who loves his work, cares about his customers, doesn't charge an arm and a leg, and earns himself lifetime customers on virtually every job he works. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if they were a good plumber with experience as a plumbing contractor.

Then there's those of us who hire a plumber who seems to have missed his calling in life and takes it out on every pipe that crosses his path, charging outrageous sums for shoddy, ill-planned work.

When we originally planned our home remodeling, we did not realize just how complex a matter plumbing could be. The contractor we hired to coordinate several aspects of the project warned us that he was not much of an expert on plumbing, so we decided to hire a plumber who certainly seemed like he knew what he was doing. He was confident, prompt, as well as concise and straightforward in his plan of our plumbing repairs.

It Didn’t Feel Right
The setbacks began in the later phases of the project. The more walls were knocked out and new additions made, appliances removed and replaced, the more surprises seemed to come out of the woodwork (literally). The local plumber would arrive at the house two days a week, and every time was seemingly more and more caught off guard by the changes that were happening, and what these changes revealed about the underlying framework of our plumbing that he did not anticipate. That's when we began to suspect that his work was ill-planned and that we might be paying too much of a premium for a so-called professional master plumber who did not foresee these developments.

Fortunately we had a close friend who lived in a nearby house who became our advocate, and reference. He said this local plumber should have known our house's design, and how the systems were laid out when our home was built. Basically this supposed master plumber should have had plumbing contractor knowledge. It soon became clear that we needed to hire a plumber who actually knew our house and knew where we were going with this project, and our friend more than came through.

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