The Tale of the Local Electrician

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Local Electrician

The Tale of the Local Electrician

The year is 1973, and I had just married the man of my dreams. He was a printing pressman at a local college where I had attended for 4 years. After the bliss of the wedding wore off, we realized that if we wanted to grow a family, we couldn’t do it in the tiny one bedroom apartment we were renting.

Thankfully, bad credit wasn't an issue back then and we were able to purchase our first home. This ‘house’ was actually an old barn that had been built in the 1920s. It was a fixer-upper with a lot of potential. When we signed on the dotted line and acquired the keys, we were naive enough to believe that we could fix it all on our own- that there was nothing we couldn’t do. Love sure is blinding.

A long week later, we realized that all of that dreamy-eyed hope was being dashed very quickly by the myriad of problems arising. The worst of all of these problems was the poor and substandard electrical wiring. We could flip a switch in the kitchen and it would take up to 30 seconds for the light to come on. In some cases, the wall sockets would spark when we turned a lamp or TV on. It was getting scary and something had to be done.

We called the local electrician to come in and take a look. His name was Bill and he had been an electrician for longer than I had been out of pig tails. This local electrician had the look of experience and confidence about him that was reassuring.

As a local electrician, Bill knew what permits were needed in order to completely rewire our barn cum house. Within a few short days, he had permits in hand and set to work completely ripping out the old wiring.

We were without power for 4 days before we were able to get simple running water and plumbing back (basics first). Good thing it was summer and we weren’t in need of heat. I stopped and took a look around me at all the complex wiring going on- I was impressed with Bill, our local electrician.

In less than a month, our whole house was rewired from top to bottom. We could turn on the lights and TV in confidence knowing that we would be electrocuted. In the end, we were so pleased with Bill’s work that we sang his praises from the rooftops- “The local electrician really knows his stuff, and is totally worth hiring for your electrical projects!”

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