The Plumbing Hunt Begins: Need a Plumber = Get a Plumber

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The Plumbing Hunt Begins: Need a Plumber = Get a Plumber

Everything about our vacation in the Rockies went according to plan, but not our arrival back in Atlanta. We came home to a flooded house, and what we feared would be a big plumbing repair bill.

Once the basement drained, the water shut off, and the carpet ripped out, we were still in need of a lot of work to get things back to normal. Our first priority was our need for a local plumber to see to the plumbing repairs so that we could turn the water back on and regain at least some civility.

We did what everyone does when it's time to find a good local plumber: we hit the yellow pages. Okay, we didn’t have a copy of the yellow pages- we hit Google. Hopefully, we thought, our dream master plumber has gotten with the modern age and listed his business online. A local plumber in our area usually has the reputation for being manually rather than technically inclined, but this is no complaint; we needed plumbing repair savvy, not internet savvy.

Choices, Choices: Hire a Plumber- A Good Plumber

A simple search revealed the myriads of local plumber companies, lone wolves and shade tree plumbers. We already decided we didn't want to use a major company. Large companies have much more overhead than a one-man operation, and they hire employees that may not be of the same talent level as a local plumber whose business rests upon his own skills.

Granted, we also realized that this was a risky move. A full-scale plumbing company has much better insurance if anything goes wrong, and if any plumbers find themselves stumped, they have superiors to fall back on. Also, in the absolute worst case, if we feel we've been cheated, a well-established plumbing contractor company is much more capable of compensating us if we end up in court for any reason.

So with this in mind, we had to remember that we were navigating a minefield, and with this being our first foray into any plumbing needs beyond unclogging a toilet, it was important to do some research and be as careful as possible in our search for a local plumber.

But for all our forethought, we still didn't realize how tough it would be to actually find a good plumber. In the next entry, you'll get to hear all about the selection process, so stay tuned.

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