When you need a Plumber: Plan, Plan, Plan

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Need a Plumber

When you Need a Plumber: Plan, Plan, Plan

With our home addition on the horizon, we need a plumber who can keep up with our plumber service needs. This isn't a particularly demanding requirement, but it certainly seems to be a pre-requisite that not all master plumbers are prepared to meet. We spent far too much time and money cleaning up the mistakes made by the plumber who worked on the remodeling of our home, and now that we have a full addition to make, the job isn't going to get any easier.

We need a plumber who is familiar with homes in our area, how they were originally built, and what considerations need to be made before digging up underground pipes and creating new lines to supply the new addition. We also need a plumber who can accurately plan all material and labor costs at the outset, and give us realistic expectations regarding the time frame and quality of the results.

Most importantly, one of the biggest lessons we learned on our last project, we need a plumber who isn't afraid of competing with a couple of other estimates. A good plumber will not skimp on his materials or workmanship in order to meet a budget and win the contract. A good plumber will also be willing to detail every change he thinks should be made, why these changes should take place, how long the fixes and improvements will last, and what options are available.

Cutbacks Can Mean Drawbacks
As much as we've been burned by poor planning in the past, we're not going to mess around with plumbing this time. We're going to need a plumber who can meet these requirements without batting an eye, and we need a plumber who is willing to work with the other members of our contracting team.

It's really that simple. You don't need to be an expert in the field to pick out a qualified expert; you just have to be willing to try a few different possibilities, and don't be afraid to tell any licensed plumber that he's not the only candidate for the job. Either he'll stay firm and reassure you that his plan is sound, or he'll panic and realize that a more honest licensed plumber would reveal his missteps.

With five different plans and five different estimates supplied by some local plumbers, we began the process of narrowing down which plumbing contractor would win our contract.

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