Dealing with Plumbing Contractors

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Plumbing Contractors

Time to Expand: Dealing with Plumbing Contractors

My family was raised in this house. We've had plenty of great memories made and our share of laughs and tears here, but alas, the children are growing up and starting to leave the nest, so we've been thinking more and more in the direction of how our home should grow with our needs.
It's always seemed like enough. Our house isn't large, and we've always been just fine and even the times when we've been cramped for spaces were always temporary at worst.

Last year we finished a remodeling project of the house, and as much as we were satisfied with the results, we were now considering building an additional townhome-style apartment, with two bedrooms upstairs and a downstairs living room and kitchen, as well as one-car garage and driveway. We cited our children's newly-expanding families, knowing the extra space would be great to give visiting families a place to stay and retain their autonomy, of if need be, rent the space to our children. Meanwhile, we needed to at least keep the space separate, so that we could rent the space to outside tenants if we ever find it necessary.

One Little Kink: Our Need for Plumber Work and Plumber Services
Now, the only snag we hit during our remodeling project came with our plumbing contractors. The plumbing contractors we initially hired did not give us an accurate assessment of the needs created by our intended changes; neither did these plumbing contractors give us a good estimate for the work done. We ended up three weeks behind our target completion date- missing out on the Memorial Day get-together we'd planned.

We ended up asking our plumbing contractors to leave the project, and gave it to our friend who offered to help at a cut rate out of sympathy for our situation. He managed to fix the damage done by the first plumbing contractors (who were master plumbers) and brought everything up to standard for us. We went from worrying that all our pipes would spontaneously burst from sheer neglect to resting assured that we wouldn't need major work for another ten years. A good plumber can really set your mind and heart at ease.

Needless to say, we're going to be a little more selective about our plumbing contractors this time around. We needed to get the job done right the first time, and at this point, the only local plumbers and plumbing contractors we're familiar with are the ones we have no intention of working with again. The friend who bailed us out last time has moved to another state, so it looks like the hunt for another licensed plumber begins again.

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