An Unplanned Plumbing Adventure: Into the World of Plumbing Repair

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Plumbing Repair

An Unplanned Plumbing Adventure: Into the World of Plumbing Repair

Plumbing repair can be nasty work. When the house you've lived in for over fifteen years suddenly becomes a swamp while you're out on vacation, you know you're in for an expensive, drawn-out ordeal.

After a blissful week-and-a-half in Denver, filled with skiing, outdoor Jacuzzis and warm fires, my family returned to Atlanta only to find the Plumbing repair nightmare we couldn't have imagined. Our basement was under two feet of water and rising by the second—our new carpeting ruined, as well as all the belongings we'd been keeping down there. Fortunately this happened before the second phase of our basement renovation, but the damage had already set us back well over a thousand dollars just in the ruining of our possessions.

Before the cleanup could begin, it was time to hire a plumber- a good plumber to do a little plumbing repair. He would either to fix the problem or at least rig something up to stop the water flow for the cleanup process. We found the culprit pipe, and before any plumbing repair began we were able to simply turn off the main water to the house—we had some wonderful neighbors who were more than willing to donate water to us during these three days—and called in some flood recovery experts to drain out all the water.

We didn't think that damp, moldy smell would ever go away. We wanted to blast the entire basement with bleach, or do something to make that foul odor disappear. Unfortunately, that would have to wait.

Our water was turned off, and it was time to call in a master plumber for the plumbing repair to fix our pipes so that we could return to business as usual.

Can We Fix It?
Not only did we need the problem remedied, but it was also a good time to look over our system to see if there were any problems that should be corrected in order to keep this from happening again. Sure it wouldn't be a cheap proposition, but it was important to us that we be willing to spend a little extra money on a good licensed plumber now in order to avoid any future disasters.

With our plumbing repair about to begin, we had a lot of things to learn, and a lot of homework to do.
The story of our little quest for the perfect master plumber and great plumbing repair is to be continued...

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