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Roofing Contractor

What Does a Roofing Contractor Do?

Essentially, a roofing contractors takes care of everything on top of your house. That might sound a bit sophomoric, but for anyone who thinks all they do is replace roofs, this will give you an idea of their expanded capabilities.

roofing contractors frequently choose an area in which to specialize. Not all contractors do everything they are allowed to do. Their decision might be based on personal preferences, or they might know exactly where their expertise lies. Still others might live in an area like Miami which is prone to devastating hurricanes and wind storms and just fixing and replacing roofs can be a full time job.

Typically, different companies will provide a range of services that include roof/tile replacement or repair – in its entirety or just a small section. They can also fix and install gutters and install skylights. Some companies further specialize in roofing types. Again, much depends on the geographic area they serve. Where shingle roofing is common in the Northeast, many southern and southwestern cities use barrel tiles made of a heavy clay substance. Each type needs its own level of expertise to fix and install.

Roofing contractors do need to be licensed in almost every state, and they will need to display this license number on all business documentation and their commercial vehicles. Along with being licensed, they should also be bonded and insured – in other words, if someone actually falls off your roof, you need to make certain they are accepting their own liability rather than suing you for damages.

Before commencing work they must know when they need to apply for a building permit; they must be totally aware of local building codes and keep up with any changes. As a homeowner, however, it’s always a good idea to be aware of codes, too. In other words, if you hire a roofing contractors to put on a new roof, and he says you don’t need a permit, you might want to double check. If you do need a permit and works starts without it, it will be you, not him, stuck with fines and liens.

When selecting a contractor, get a written estimate, get a copy of his insurance certificate, get references, and then check your state’s website for professional licensing to make sure this contractor has no complaints against him, and his license is still active.

Never hand over a cash deposit, either! Find someone who will take credit cards. If he never completes the job you have recourse.

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