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Top Disability Insurance Providers


Disability insurance will provide cash to replace a portion of income when a person is disabled due to an accident or other reasons like illness for more than a specific period of time like 90 days. This disability insurance is in addition to the protection social security administration provides when a person is disabled for a longer period of time. For a few dollars per month you can be at peace that you and your family is well covered.

Even young people need it to cover unexpected situations and its less expensive to get disability insurance when you are young. Next question is how much disability insurance do i need? When you are disabled, typically you need 60-80% of your regular income.

Different disability insurance plans are available for individuals and businesses. Check with the insurance company offering the insurance to find out what is covered for each plan.

Monthly income benefit along with noncancelable and guaranteed renewable coverage is available from some insurance companies. Check for different riders available to go with the disability insurance.

Disability Insurance Companies
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