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How to find & hire a reliable contractor

Even though you are one of those people who try to do home remodeling/repair by yourself, at some time or another every home owner will require the services of a contractor or an experienced professional service provider.
Hirecontractor.com is the one stop shop for locating reputable contractors for your construction, home improvement, remodeling and renovation needs such as bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, roof repair or replacement, plumbing or electrical services and much more.

Finding a contractor

We make it easy to find qualified and top-rated local contractors who would not only finish the project in quickest possible time but also provide a great quality of work, for all your home renovation and home improvement projects. To find a contractor, at the top of the page you can find a search bar where you can search for a list of qualified contractors.

For example, if you are searching for an electrician, you can input the keyword 'Electrician' in the search bar and you'd be presented with a list of electricians to choose from. You can go to the advanced search page to find a pro by location and category.

As a property or home owner you will be investing not only a large amount of money and time in the project, but also trust in the contractor to finish the job as promised. So, you need assurance that the service provider you hire is as reliable and professional as possible. We believe it is in the best interest of homeowners to take the required initiative and verify contractor qualifications thoroughly, ensuring that the information provided by the contractor is accurate. After that, an informed decision can be made based upon the findings.

Here are a few questions you can ask the contractor before hiring them:
  • Are you licensed and certified?
  • Ask for documentation, and check with your state's contractors' licensing board if required.

  • How many years have you been in business?
  • Check for stability and recognition. You can research online regarding the business.

  • Are you completely insured (Liability etc)?
  • Look for coverage period.

  • Do you carry workers compensation insurance?
  • Ask for documentation with current coverage.

  • What type of similar projects you have done before?
  • Get photos of previous projects to see the work done before.

  • Do you have any references?
  • Request details on work done for each reference.

  • When can you start and finish?
  • If you have a deadline, let the contractor know upfront, adding extra time so they can complete the job before the date.

  • What is your plan and approach for my project?
  • Make sure they arrive and leave at the same time each day they work. The contractor should provide a calendar listing days on and off.

  • Supervisor
  • Will you be the onsite supervisor or someone else will be involved? Ask for someone with whom you can communicate on a daily basis.

  • Workers and Subcontractors
  • Will the same subcontractors and workers be with my project throughout its entirety?

Few other questions (If you are dealing with a company) include:
  • If the contractor is part of a company, check how long has the company been in business?
  • May I visit a site you're currently working on?
  • How early will work start in the mornings, and what time will workers leave each day?
  • Does the contractor work on Saturdays and Sundaysa?
  • Who will be the contact person if you hire this company?
  • What kind of payment schedule will you expect?
  • What kind of additional insurance does the company carry?
To find more particulars of a contractor, you can register with us or sign In, below to get all the details.