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How to find & hire a reliable contractor

Finding a reliable and dependable home improvement, remodeling or renovation contractor is not easy. Sometimes you are so tired of the process, you may want to do all the home remodeling or home renovation work all by yourself. But it is always a wise choice to hire an experienced professional contractor.
When you are you have to make sure that you get the job done by the contractor as you are paying him decently to finish the job as promised. Do the due diligence in screening the contractors so that you can avoid all the future headaches.

Check and verify a few things listed below before you hire a contractor for all your projects:

  • License
  • Some states do not need a license. Based on the state you live in, verify the contractor is licensed to perform the job.

  • Background and Experience
  • Check how many years contractor has been in business. You can research online about the contractor reputation and reviews.

  • Insurance
  • Ask for insurance and check if the contractor has liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. Check coverage period to verify that the policy is valid. What kind of additional insurance does the company carry?

  • Previous projects
  • Ask the contractor about past projects completed by them and pictures to show the tip of work.

  • Certification
  • Ask for any certification details in his area of expertise, and check with your state's contractors' certification board if required.

  • References
  • Request references from previous customers and details on work done for each customer.

  • Detailed Quote
  • Get a detailed quote on paper with specifics to what is in scope and what work will be done and when each stage will be completed. Let the contractor know of any deadlines upfront and ask the contractor if they can complete the job by the deadline.

  • Work days
  • The contractor should provide a calendar listing days on and off. Check if the contractor works on Saturdays and Sundays and plan accordingly? How early will work start in the mornings, and what time will workers leave each day?

  • Supervisor
  • Check if there will be an onsite supervisor or someone else will be managing workers ? Get introduced to the supervisor make sure you can communicate with the supervisor on a daily basis.

  • Workers and Subcontractors
  • check if the same set of workers and/or subcontractors are going to stay through out the project or they are going to change workers everyday? You probably wants to who is coming into your property.

  • Payment
  • Make sure you plan and document the payment schedule including any deposit so that there are no surprises.

Few other questions (If you are dealing with a company) include:
  • Who will be the contact person if you hire this company?
  • What kind of material will be used
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Finding a contractor

We make it easy to find qualified and top-rated local contractors who would not only finish the project in quickest possible time but also provide a great quality of work, for all your home renovation and home improvement projects. To find a contractor, at the top of the page you can find a search bar where you can search for a list of qualified local contractors .

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