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Home Equity Loans

Get a home equity loan based on the equity built on your home as collateral. If you have any financial needs like medical bills, college education, starting a new business, important home repairs or other pressing needs then a home equity loan is a good choice.

A home equity loan is also referred to as a second mortgage as it puts a lien on your house. These home equity loans are generally for shorter time periods based on the amount borrowed. Good credit is required to get a home equity loan from any financial institution. Shop around to get a good rate for your home equity loan. Watch out for any major fees as you can always negotiate with the lender for lower fees.

There are two types of home equity loans :

1) A traditional home equity loan with fixed interest and closed ended.
2) A home equity line of credit that has a variable interest rate and open ended.

Any bank or credit union will be able to get you a home equity loan. Check with the bank that you have the mortgage with to get a home equity loan as that is the easiest choice.

Top Home Equity Loan Providers

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