Cost of Soft Furnishing Cleaning in San Francisco versus Other Metros

The soft furnishings in our homes get used a lot. We sit on our sofas and sleep in our beds. Quite often our furniture is also shared with our pets, but how often do we get it cleaned?

Recently it struck me that I couldn’t remember the last time the soft furnishings in our family room had received a deep clean. Yet, I am fully aware that we share our three sofas with our two dogs and cats.

My daughter and her friends watch movies whilst eating popcorn and my husband along with his buddies enjoy the occasional football game.

I do vacuum the sofas every week, but it wasn’t until a few weeks when I realized my sofas had not been cleaned for about two years.

Why You Should Have Your Soft Furnishings Cleaned

Not only does your furniture get dirty from constant use by your family, but your pets probably love your sofas as much as you do. Pets are experts at trapping dirt in their coats, and they also love to shed their fur on your sofa. All of this, and any little friends that they may have, end up in your soft furnishings.

All our soft furnishings are exposed to what I call “food debris”. Most of us snack on the sofa, and crumbs always end up in between cushions. Drinks are spilled, and both drinks and food stains could be seen on our sofas. It was certainly time to call in the professionals.

Don’t forget your mattresses

Mattresses can cause several health problems as well, but how often do we get them cleaned? Bed bugs love our centrally heated homes, and in some metros like New York, there are even bed bug epidemics.

Bed bugs cause smell, itchy bites which don’t only look very nice, and they can even give rise to dermatitis. Some scientists believe that bed bugs can be behind skin allergies and certain types of asthma.

Dirt and dust also get trapped in our mattresses and regular products are not really sufficient when it comes to cleaning a bedroom mattress. Professional cleaners use hot steam, and products which will both remove dirt and kill off bed bugs.

It is a good idea to have your mattress professionally cleaned at least once a year if you would like to avoid health problems associated with unclean soft furnishings.

The Cost of a Clean Home

Costs do vary a great deal and it all depends on what you like to have cleaned. A lot of professional cleaning businesses offer price bundles. This means that you may get one sofa cleaned for the price of two, or your bedroom mattress may be included in the price.

Many businesses that provide this type of service are franchises, and that means they work to recognized standards. It could be a good idea to go for a franchise based service as they are always insured and their products are certified as well.

In San Francisco it would cost about $75 to have two sofas professionally cleaned. The cost would be about the same in Chicago, and in New York you could expect to pay about $80 for the same service.

It was certainly worth having our three sofas professionally cleaned. Not only do they look great but they smell so much better, I just wish I could keep them that way.

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