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Cost of Window Cleaning in San Francisco versus other Metros

Having your windows cleaned can make your home feel like new. During the fall and winter the windows of our homes suffer a lot. They are bombarded by snow, rain, wind and even hail at times. When spring comes around they really do deserve a special treat.

I remember that my grandmother used to say that spring never begun until the window cleaner had been, and she was quite right.

Windows are the eyes of our homes, and clean windows do go along way towards your home feeling clean and fresh, but we seldom seem to have the time to clean our windows properly.

Why You Should Clean Your Windows?

The weather is not the only reason you should clean your windows. Our windows are subjected to so much more than we think.

When you live in a big city such as San Francisco, you may even appreciate that the air quality on some days is not very good. It may even make you cough and your eyes itch. On a daily basis our homes are bombarded by a range of chemicals and toxic substances.

Air traffic has increased over our cities, and even though our vehicles produce less exhaust fumes than they did 10 years ago, there are a lot more cars around.

Your windows probably get dirtier quicker now than they did even a few years ago, and this is one reason you should clean your windows. Of course, clean windows also make your home look cleaner.

Get the Professionals In:

Regular supermarket cleaning products are okay for everyday use, but your windows can benefit from a deep clean just like other areas of your home. As a matter of fact, many regular cleaning products are just not strong enough to cope with much of the dirt and grime that can be found on windows today.

Professional cleaning companies use better and stronger products and many of them have ingredients which will protect your windows. Certain ingredients in professional cleaning materials such as Isopropanol will form a protective film, and help to prevent excessive build-up of new dirt.

It can also be a hazardous job to clean your windows. You often have to climb up and down ladder with cleaning materials and you are at risk from falling.
Professionals do not only have all the right equipment to do the job safely and securely, they also have better quality cleaning materials to ensure your windows will stay cleaner for longer.

The Cost of Cleaning:

This is definitely one of those cleaning jobs you should get the professionals in to do.
Even the cost of window cleaning in major cities such as San Francisco or New York offers excellent value for money.

The estimated cost for cleaning 12 windows in San Francisco is $100, and that means that each window will cost you less than $10. It is really amazing value for money.

In New York the cost goes up a little bit for the same amount of windows, and it would cost you about $145 for a professional window clean. If you are a Chicago resident, you can expect to pay about $80 for a deep clean of your windows.

Before you contract somebody to clean your windows, you should make sure they are insured to do the work. This is after all a rather hazardous cleaning job, and you don’t want to become liable if your cleaner falls off his ladder. Replacing windows due to damages can be expensive as well, so just make sure your window cleaner is fully insured before he starts doing the job.

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  1. Thank you for the tips and sharing knowledge about this. I agree that you should hire professionals in cleaning your window, to avoid any damages of the window or carelessly fall from the ladder.

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