Should You Get a Home Security System?

Many American homeowners feel safe in their houses despite the dangers of home burglary. A major home security corporation surveyed 628 American adults in 2013, and the results showed that many homeowners do not take sensible precautions and may be taking their safety for granted. While 68% of respondents believed that a home security system would increase the value of their home, only 29% of them actually owned one.

Homeowners gave many reasons for not owning a home security system. The most frequent reason was because of cost. Some said they did not need a home security system because they were not worried about break-ins or felt they had other means of protection. Others felt that they lacked knowledge or did not understand home security systems well enough.

Despite the nonchalant attitudes of some American homeowners, statistics prove that the average American homeowner should be more worried about home burglaries. Of course, there are obvious safety precautions you can take without buying a home security system, such as locking doors and windows, leaving a car in the driveway, keeping a light on, or displaying a warning sign in front of their house. However, every year there are still over 2 million burglaries reported across the United States and nearly 66% are residential home break-ins. Security systems are beneficial because they not only alert the neighborhood and police, but their presence also deters potential burglars. When a burglar notices that a home has a security system, he or she is more likely to avoid that home.

Some home security systems can be expensive, but there are less expensive alternatives that can provide increased safety. Value-based tier systems, the least expensive option are only about $20 per month. While there might be additional one-time equipment set up fees that range from $99 to over $200, all of these systems come with a motion detector, control panel, and door or window sensor, and some come with a mobile app, keychain remote or a smoke detector.

The high-end security systems on the market can potentially be much more expensive, and the price could be about $20 more per month. Many of these packages offer the possibility of a glass-break sensor, which can cost from $70 to $100 and a camera that can be up to $200 or more.

While some home security systems with enhanced features can be costly, there are affordable options. In many cases, homeowner’s insurance premiums will also be reduced for home security system owners. The more expensive systems offer more benefits, but the value-based ones still provide more safety than having no system at all. The safety of one’s home is essential and it is important that both the costs and benefits are considered in making a purchase decision. Is it worth more to save a few dollars each month, or to save cherished items and possibly lives? It you are looking for a great security system. Look into hiring contractors that are professional and trustworthy.

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