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The Kitchen sink is not a simple as it seems

What does the kitchen sink mean to you? Is it just the place in the kitchen where you rinse your pots and pans, and use the garbage disposal? The kitchen sink is a actually quite a complicated piece of kitchen hardware and consists of kitchen faucet, kitchen bowl, drain basket and garbage disposal unit.

When you start looking at it in this kind of way, you may appreciate that things can go wrong.

You might be able to deal with some problems yourself, however, the vast majority needs the professional touch of a licensed plumber. Finding a plumber in New York is also not easy.

Common Plumbing Problems

Common problems related to the kitchen sink are:

  • Broken garbage disposals
  • Clogged drains
  • Leaking or clogged kitchen faucets
  • Leaking drain baskets


Take apart a faucet and you will realize why it might be a good idea to call a licensed plumber. A faucet consists of many parts, and identifying which one is faulty can take experience. It could be the washer which is causing your faucet to drip, or it could be a buildup of mineral deposits in the faucet itself. Knowing which part is at fault is not always easy.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are more common in sinks without a garbage disposal. Debris such as foodstuffs can easily become stuck in the down pipe and cause the water not to drain away properly. Many homeowners recommend using chemical cleaners, but that can sometimes make the matter worse. If, you have a septic tank, you should think twice about using a chemical cleaners. Not only can chemical cleaners damage drain pipes but they can also stop natural process in your septic tank.

Drain baskets

If your drain basket leaks, it does need to be replaced and you should not attempt to do it yourself. This is quite an expensive part of the sink unit, and should only be replaced by a professional plumber. Too many things can go wrong if you try to do the job yourself.

Garbage disposals

If resetting the garbage disposals has not worked, you really do need to call a licensed plumber. It means that the garbage disposer needs to be repaired or replaced. Call a plumber to have him or her do the job for you, garbage disposals can be tricky. This can also be a very messy job, and a pro would know what to do.

Fixing plumbing problems in the kitchen without the proper tools and experience is not easy and can cause problems. It is always better to call a licensed plumber, and get his or hers professional help.


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