Kitchen Accessibility and Storage

Remodeling Options for Today’s Family Kitchen

Kitchen is often the most important room in every home. This is often where everybody meet for the first time in the day, and sit down to have breakfast. Many of us still refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home, and this is probably true in most families.

Your kitchen should be somewhere where you can all spend time, and be ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Accessibility, storage space and the right appliances are the top priorities.


Accessibility can be synonymous with being physically challenged, but on this occasion it is not.

If you are physically challenged, it is important to get the kitchen design and layout right, however, this is just as important in a family setting.

You may be in a hurry when you come to use the kitchen, and it is therefore important that you have considered how easily you can access what you need. Your cookware should be in the spot where you can easily reach it, and younger family members should be able to help with setting the table.

In other words, try to unclutter your kitchen and allow space for everyone to move around, and participate with kitchen duties. A kitchen should make everyone feel involved.

Storage Space

Most of the time we talk about kitchen cupboards but today we are going to take a look at storage space. Many homeowners rush out and buy ready made kitchen cupboards, but this is not always the best way forward.

If, you were to speak to a kitchen remodeling contractor, you would probably find that he would have a completely different experience in dealing with storage issues in the kitchen. Yes, kitchen cupboards are important, but it is equally as important knowing where to place your kitchen cupboards. This is one of the most important design aspects that many ready made kitchen companies often neglect to mention.

Remember that the companies that sell ready made kitchens may not have staff that has been trained in kitchen installation. Staff are not aware of the many little design mistakes you can make that will annoy you when you come to use your kitchen. A kitchen contractor will not only source the best products, but he will able to advise where to place the cupboards to let you make the most out of your kitchen.


Most kitchens these days rely heavily on appliances and gadgets. Some kitchens even remind you more of a laboratory clean room than a kitchen.

One of the first things to consider when buying new appliances is the space available. The dishwasher may look great in the store, but you need to make sure it fits in the space available.

Energy saving devices are important as well, and you should check the energy rating before you invest in new appliances. The better and higher the energy star rating, the more money you will save in the future.

Also remember that you can conserve space by installing the correct appliances. If you have picked the right kitchen design, you will be able to slot in ovens and microwaves not only at a better working height, but in a way that lets you make the most out of space.

It can be tempting to think that you can do a lot of the work yourself instead of hiring a contractor, but ask for estimates and you will be surprised to see how much time and effort, and even money, a kitchen remodeling contractor will be able to save you.

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