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Cost of House Cleaning Services in San Francisco versus other metros

If you are a busy working parent, you may not have the time to clean your own home. Fortunately, there is a good choice of house cleaning services in San Francisco and other metros. However, just like you hire any other contractor, it is important to find out what is on offer. Many busy working moms and dads may not be able to cope with cleaning the house as well as their family, so it can be a good idea to get in some extra help.

Some Tips Before You Contract a Cleaning Service
Before you pick up the phone, you should make a list of what you need help with. For instance, you might be able to cope with many of the daily tasks but some of the weekly ones, may cause more of a problem.

There are also some other things which you should be prepared to ask, and above all you must find out the exact costs.

Costs are the most important factor. House cleaning services costs vary a great deal, and in San Francisco you will need to be prepared to pay about $20 per hour. The cost of the same service in Chicago would be $18 per hour, but in New York the cost jumps up to a staggering $30 per hour.

Also remember to ask if there is a minimum billing period or time. Most cleaning services will want to bill you for at least two hours.

What type of cleaning do you want?
You may be able to handle the weekly cleaning yourself but major cleanings can be more difficult to manage.
A spring cleaning in San Francisco will cost an average of $160 for a 2 Bedroom apartment. The cost to spring clean a house would be at least $200, so it is important to shop around.

New Yorkers pay about $165 to have a 2 Bedroom apartment spring cleaned, and the same job in Chicago would cost about $80. It is clearly cheaper to have your home spring cleaned in Chicago!

Cleaning Fluids
Some house cleaning services insist on supplying their own cleaning liquids and fluids. That may sound great, but before you agree you should ask for a list of brand names. You don’t want end up with damages in your home, just because the cleaning services company has used a solution which has cracked the glaze on your bathroom tiles.

You may be handing over the keys to your home, and it is therefore really important to know that you will be insured against theft, breakages and other damages whilst the cleaners are on the premises. Breakages are not uncommon, especially if you are asking cleaners to handle glassware and cleaning glass cupboards.

Also make sure that specialist cleaners such as window cleaners are insured when working at your home. If, they fall of a ladder and injure themselves, they should have their own liability policy to cover injuries.

It is a good idea to check your own homeowner’s insurance policy. Third party liability issues can cause problems. If a cleaner was to trip and fall on the stairs of your home, you could become liable for litigation. Having third party as part of your own insurance would help with any compensation claims.

It is a big step to take to let a person into clean your home if you are not going to be there, and it may feel uncomfortable at first.

Finally, do check the adverts but remember that word of mouth is very important as well. A house cleaning service is often a very personal service, and you want to feel comfortable to let your cleaner into your home on a regular basis.

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