Wired or Wireless: Discover the Home Security System for You

Like most ordeals in life it is not about which home security system is objectively better, but which type of system fits your specific needs. Both types of home security systems are unique. Here are some pros and cons to evaluate whether a hard-wired or wireless home security system is right for you.

Wired Pros

  • Costs less
  • No batteries required
  • Can incorporate more sensors
  • Been around longer (more trial and error
  • More companies offer this

Wired Cons

  • Immobile
  • Needs Professional Installation
  • Possibly Outdated

 Wireless Pros

  • Mobile (easy to remove)
  • Easy install (usually no need for professional installation)
  • If there is installation, it costs far less
  • Easier to upgrade
  • Less frequent maintenance
  • Alarm wires Cannot be Cut
  • Longer life span

Wireless Cons

  • Requires replacement batteries (not often)
  • More Expensive
  • Distance limitations
  • Some have sensor limitations


Professionals advise that homeowners planning on staying in one place for an extended amount of time to get a hard-wired security system. A hard-wired system is better suited for larger homes and properties because there are no distance or sensory limitations. Wireless systems are better for homeowners who might be changing locations or does not have as large of a home because wireless systems are easier to install and uninstall. Both have great uses but understanding the uniqueness of both systems is important in choosing the best home security match.

 Good Decision Making

It is important to make informed decisions so that you get what you expected and paid for If the home or business is still going under construction, it is a smarter idea to choose the less expensive and more maintenance free hard-wired alarm system. One installed, it rarely needs to be replaced and replacements are relatively inexpensive.

You should also know the difference between a good and bad wireless system. Almost all good wireless systems are not 100% wireless. A completely wireless system is a magnetically activated siren that screeches for 45 seconds before someone opens the door. These are usually located at a local hardware store and most professional burglars will know how to turn them off. Another important piece of advice is that although it is possible for anyone to install an alarm system a professional will know better. Professionals know how to place the sensors and contacts to eliminate false alarms caused by movement of the homeowner’s pets for example, while still assuring that an intruder will be unable to avoid detection by the sensors.

Lastly, be careful before signing any contracts and be prepared to ask questions. It is good to know:

  • Location of company
  • If an alarm is triggered, how will authorities be notified?
  • How quickly will the authorities be notified?
  • Ask for proof to confirm that the company is all that it has claimed to be


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